Virtual Mothering – The Empowering Effect of Technology

How would you feel if your own child does not recognise you? — This was not a question, but a reality many mothers had to face when they left their children behind to work overseas in order to have enough to provide for them. They left their children in an act of selflessness, sacrificing for them, only to return a few years later to discover that they're no longer recognised by them.

The Documentary, a series by the BBC, recently aired an episode titled "Virtual Mothering". It covers the lives of mothers who have to leave their children behind to work in another country, and how the advancement of technology has given them significant empowerment. A key insight I gleaned was around the 8:50 min mark, where video conferencing technology, instant messaging, and social media, is contrasted to the late 1990's with letters or phone calls. With today's technology, mothers are now able to maintain a sense of co-presence that was previously not possible with the more analogue forms of communication. 

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Dave Snyder - Art is not design

"I have never believed that art is part of design. One is a commercial interest and one is a personal interest. The one thing a designer does most is deal with other people’s interests.

When you have to compromise and deal with business realities, that’s being a designer. When you are solving a problem, that’s being a designer. I don’t like to conflate the two."

So many nuggets of gold in this interview that 99u did with Dave Snyder. A lot of it really aligns with the lessons I've learnt over the course of the last 3 years since graduating from ArtCenter and getting into the industry...

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Intuitive Design vs Sharable Design

"You learned to throw a ball, pick up a cup, tie your shoes, and open a door by watching others. When you were older you probably learned how to ride a bike or drive a car by having someone show you how to do it.

So if software is more physical now (in app form), why shouldn’t we learn how to do it by watching other people?"  – Josh Elman

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