SVSTEM Watches


SVSTEM Watches started as a senior project at ArtCenter College of Design, with my former classmate Mathias Hintermann. We designed a collection of watches and got it successfully funded on Indiegogo in October 2015.

This venture has now turned into a weekend passion project for both of us, leading us to release our second collection of watches a year later.


Seamless Versatility


Our inaugural collection featured a unique interchangeable bezel system, allowing the wearer to easily switch between various looks and styles, providing the wearer with seamless versatility within a single watch component.


Overall, it was a big learning experience from the design and manufacturing side of things, as well as the business side of things, like handling administrative matters, customer service, and shipping out the 100+ watches to our backers. There were many things I learnt along the way and it gave me a deeper appreciation for the effort it takes to get a product to market.



Having successfully released our first watch collection in 2015, we decided work on second collection a year later. This time around, instead of solely relying on crowdfunding, we decided to design a more fashion centric watch and take the more traditional route of getting our watches stocked at various outlets around the world. 


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