Developing intimacy between parents and children with autism through music creation.                       

Social Impact, Electronics


A series of weekly experiments focused on developing strategic approaches to creativity.             

Design Experiments

Expanding Singapore Airlines' product offering to open up new revenue streams.                                     

Service Design, Strategy


A hot rod RC car, designed using the base components of a Team Associated 18R RC car.

Reverse Engineering, Solidworks

Helping working professionals with hypertension keep their blood pressure in check.                  

Healthcare, Electronics


A fondue picnic kit that hosts a romantic, no-frills outdoor cooking and dining experience .

Outdoor, Cookware

Enhancing the safety & ergonomics of police officers working in cold weather conditions.           

Performance, Soft Goods


Pushing Gibson into the next decade with a renewed vision and product strategy.

Consumer Electronics, Strategy



Born and raised in the sunny island of Singapore, Kenneth flew over to the also sunny Southern California in the Fall of 2011, where he is pursuing a BSc in Product Design at Art Center College of Design.

With experiences at Continuum and INSEAD, as well as co-founding 08/15 Watches, Kenneth is ready to graduate in April 2015 with a focus on design strategy and consumer products.

When he is not designing, Kenneth can be found strumming his guitar, learning to kick-flip on his Penny board or craving a Korean BBQ.


Making the Complex Simple


Growing up in the structured and organized heartlands of Singapore, things felt a little constricted at times.

This changed when I was first introduced to the design process in high school. It empowered me to work within constraints, challenging it, but at the same time respecting it. This probably also contributed to my moderate (some say borderline severe) obsession with neatness and organization.

It finds its place in a world becoming more connected yet more complex and complicated. I find my place, transforming those frustrating transactions into enjoyable interactions, making the complex, simple.



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