Intuitive Design vs Sharable Design

You learned to throw a ball, pick up a cup, tie your shoes, and open a door by watching others. When you were older you probably learned how to ride a bike or drive a car by having someone show you how to do it. So if software is more physical now (in app form), why shouldn’t we learn how to do it by watching other people?
— Josh Elman

Link to article: Intuitive Design vs. Shareable Design
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There seems to be a few design articles floating out around the web atm drawing attention to Snapchat's confusing/unintuitive/not-designed-for-old people user interface, and the rationale and application of it.

Found this one on Intuitive Design vs Sharable Design, drawing out Snapchat as an example of sharable but 'unintuitive' design, built around social memory rather than for someone learning how to use a digital product in by themselves at the desk. From that article, I also learnt about the term "Generation Touch", which refers to the generation that grew up with touch screen devices. Times are changin'...